University of Glasgow announces tuition fee levels for students from rest of UK

Published: 28 September 2011

The University of Glasgow has announced its annual fee for students from the Rest of the United Kingdom (RUK).

The University of Glasgow has today (Wednesday 28 September 2011) announced that the annual fee for students from the Rest of the United Kingdom (RUK) undertaking an undergraduate degree will be £6750, with the exception of those studying medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine who will be charged £9000. 

All RUK students entering first year are to be awarded a bursary or fee waiver of £1000. For the majority of undergraduates from RUK it means fees for a four year degree will be no more than £26,000.

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The University is also to offer significant fee waivers and further bursaries to students from low income households. For some students this would be worth as much as £12,000 across the course of a typical four-year degree. 

Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glasgow said, “We greatly value the contribution, both academic and social, that students from the Rest of the United Kingdom make to our campus and are committed to doing all that we can to ensure that they continue to be a welcome part of our university. We considered all of our options, and have been able to limit the fees for undergraduate students to £6750, with those studying degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine charged £9000 a year.”
“We have also been able to be innovative and imaginative in coming up with a package of measures which, we hope, will make the choice of studying at the University of Glasgow even more appealing. We have decided to invest significant amounts in a generous package of bursaries and fee discounts. This will mean that every single RUK student who embarks on a four or five-year degree programme will be awarded a £1000 bursary or fee waiver in their first year.”

“We have decided to do this to ensure that Glasgow remains inclusive, affordable and that we continue our strong tradition of offering education to all based on their ability to learn, irrespective of their background.”

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“We offer one of the best student experiences in Britain and are determined to attract students from throughout the UK to study at one of the world’s top institutions.  Glasgow recently rose18 places in the QS world rankings to 59, and, in the latest National Student Survey, was rated joint top in Scotland and joint seventh in the UK.  We hope that our fee structure, our bursary scheme and our support for those from low income households will ensure that we continue to welcome the very best students, and that Glasgow will maintain and enhance its position as a world-leading university.''

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• The University of Glasgow’s final decision on fees for RUK students will be subject to the Scottish Government passing the necessary legislative order to permit the charging of fees to rest of UK students.
• The University of Glasgow was the joint top rated University in Scotland in the 2011 National Students Survey, and joint seventh in the UK.

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First published: 28 September 2011