Sports science experts gather in Glasgow

Published: 6 September 2010

The annual British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences conference begins today.

The University today welcomes some of the world’s most eminent sports scientists to the annual British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) conference.

The event, which opens this morning and runs until Wednesday, will tackle the most controversial and unresolved issues in the field of sport science.

Among the areas to be debated will be drug-taking among athletes, changing physical activity levels in children and whether or not society has become less active than it used to be.

According to organisers, around 18 countries will be represented in Glasgow with almost 400 delegates attending the three days of debates and symposiums.

Dr Jason Gill, event organiser and Senior Lecturer in Sport Science at the University, said the theme of the conference was ‘Challenging the Dogma’.

“We have put together an exciting and diverse programme with something for everyone with an interest in the sport and exercise sciences.

“Whether you are interested in elite sports performance or physical activity for health; physiology, psychology or nutrition there is something for everyone at the meeting.”

The first keynote debate this morning will be held in memory of the late Dr Andy Cathcart, a former Lecturer in Sports Science at Glasgow.

Dr Cathcart was killed in a road accident last April during a brief research visit to Cape Town, South Africa.

Both the University of Cape Town and Glasgow have established a scholarship program in his honour.

A memorial plaque will also be dedicated to Dr Cathcart tomorrow at 6.30pm in the West Medical Building.

The Dr Andy Cathcart Keynote Debate will see Professor Timothy Noakes, author of Lore of Running, take on a number of academics in debating the merits of the VO2 Max test – a commonly used test to measure fitness.

Details of Keynote Sessions

1. The Dr Andy Cathcart Keynote Debate
The factors which limit maximal oxygen uptake: the head, the heart or an integrated peripheral system
Prof Tim Noakes (the head), Prof Bjorn Ekblom (the heart), Prof Peter Wagner (an integrated system)
(Chair: Prof Neil Spurway)

2. Does dehydration impair exercise performance?
Prof Ron Maughan (yes), Prof Tim Noakes (no)
(Chair: Prof Ian McGrath)

3. The Great Drugs Debate
In a world dominated by health-enhancing drugs, legislating against performance-enhancing drugs is futile. 
Prof Martial Saugy, Prof Bengt Kayser, Prof Mike Spedding, Prof David Cowan
(Chair: Prof Ian McGrath)

4. Can we modulate physical activity in children?
Prof John Reilly (Argues yes), Prof Terry Wilkin (Believes not)
(Chair: Prof Jo Doust)

5. Are we really less active than we used to be: what does the objective evidence show?
Prof John Speakman

Symposia Sessions

1. Joint BASES, Royal College of Physicians and Fitness Industry Association Symposium: Linking Medicine with Exercise Science and front-line practice
Dr John Searle OBE
Colonel John Etherington OBE
Dr Gary O'Donovan

2. Joint BASES/BPS Symposium: Debating the positive and negative effects of self-confidence on competition preparation and performance
Dr Kate Hays
Dr Stuart Beattie

3. Joint BASES/FEPSAC Symposium - The Training of Applied Sport Psychologists: A Critical Reflection of Issues within Europe
Dr Chris Harwood
Prof Paul Wylleman
Dr Anne Marie Elbe
Dr Urban Johnson

4. Joint BASES/FEPSAC Symposium - Developmental Strategies for Consultants Working in Elite Youth Sport Programs
Dr Chris Harwood
Prof Paul Wylleman

5. International Centre for East Afican Running Science (ICEARS) Symposium
Dr Yannis Pitsiladis
Dr Robert Scott
Dr Barry Fudge

6. The Female Athlete: a multi-disciplinary perspective
Dr Joanna Scurr
Prof Mike Tipton
Dr Anne-Marie Elbe
Ms Jenny White
Deirdre Angella

7. Measurement of Physical Activity in Free-Living Environments
Dr David Rowe
Dr Sebastian Chastin
Prof John Reilly

8. Sport science support for elite cycling: the reality of managing the world-class performer
Dr Matt Parker
Dr Scott Gardner
Dr Jonathan Leeder
Miss Esme Taylor
Mr Paul Barrett

9. Sports nutrition: what's new?
Prof Andy Jones
Prof Asker Jeukendrup

10. Behaviour Change in Special Populations
Dr Alison Kirk
Dr Lynsey Rankin
Dr Anna Campbell

11. Health benefits of high intensity and resistance exercise
Dr Niall MacFarlane
Ms Laura Whyte
Dr Ole Kemi

12. Ethnicity, Environment and Health
Mr Carlos Celis
Dr Lesley Hall
Mr Robert Ojiambo

13. From Research Methods to the Research Process: A New Approach
Dr Richard Tong
Dr Rich Neil
Dr Kylie Wilson

14. Are RPE scales fatigued?  Athlete emancipation from the RPE straightjacket
Dr Dominic Micklewright
Prof Alan St Claire-Gibson
Mr David Parry
Miss Camilla Chinnasamy
Dr Mark Stone

15. Early Career Research Medal Symposium
Dr Glyn Howatson
Dr Anni Vanhatalo
Dr David Fletcher

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First published: 6 September 2010