Experts meet to discuss the nation's diet

Published: 13 May 2010

Leading figures from the world of nutrition and public health in Scotland are to gather in Glasgow to discuss the state and future of the nation’s diet.

A university conference will today bring together leading figures from the world of nutrition and public health in Scotland, to discuss the state and future of the nation’s diet.

The University of Glasgow’s department of Human Nutrition, is hosting the conference entitled 'Bringing Lasting Change to Scotland's Diet'.

Among the guest speakers are Professor Charles Milne, Director of the Food Standards Agency – Scotland, Dr Richard Simpson, MSP and Melanie Ruffell, Nutrition Manager of the Food and Drink Federation.

Mike Lean, Professor of Human Nutrition at the University, will also be speaking on improving the Scottish diet.

According to organisers, the conference will reflect on the past 14 years, since the University held its first conference called Working Together – The Scottish Diet Action Plan.

Speakers will focus on changes to our diet since 1996, what progress has been made and what ways it can be improved in coming years.

Time will also be spent debating the hottest topics of the moment in relation to the Scottish diet.

Professor Lean said: "We, the people of Scotland, should be calling with one voice for less salt, less saturated and trans-fats in our food as well as more fruit and vegetables, folate, fish, iodine and adequate fluoride in fluoride-deficient regions of Scotland.

"We also need to get the calories right in order to avoid further increases in obesity and help those who would like to lose weight to reduce portion sizes which have crept up and up. I think we also need to reformulate common foods to contain less calories - mostly less fat. We also need to 'de-normalise' eating high-calorie 'snacks' between meals, and repopularise solid Scottish foods like Porridge."

The conference, held in the city’s west end, is designed to appeal to doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dietitians, health promotion specialists, public health specialists, those working in education and social care settings, pharmacists as well as academics and researchers, policy makers, the leisure industry and the media.

Professor Graham MacGregor, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine Queen Mary University, will discuss the issue of salt in our diet, Dr Simpson, the issue of Fat and Trans Fat in food while Professor Annie Anderson, from the University of Dundee, will discuss whether the messages concerning fruit and vegetable intake are sufficient to encourage widespread consumption.

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Event Details:
The Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Glasgow.
1-9 Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow, G12 0TA

First published: 13 May 2010

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