The Future for Social Housing

Published: 5 March 2007

Is there a coherent, positive radical future for social housing?

Is there a coherent, positive radical future for social housing?

In his inaugural lecture as the new Head of Urban Studies at Glasgow University, Professor Ken Gibb will discuss the question in the light of a renewed interest in the sector.

Professor Gibb said: 'Social housing has undoubtedly lacked an overall joined-up analysis for some time. In Scotland, the debate is too narrow and short-term.

'In the last few months, though, things have begun to change. The Chartered Institute of Housing launched a report by Tony O'Sullivan and Gillian Young on the Future of Social Renting in Scotland. The Scottish Executive has begun an internal review of the sector. Professors John Hills and Martin Cave are conducting two separate reviews on aspects of the sector in England. Professor Duncan MacLennan is also contributing to this debate for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Smith Institute published a book on Rethinking Social Housing last year.

'This lecture, the Future for Social Housing, will draw on ideas from public policy analysis and organisational economics, and reflect on the big issues arising out of the debate and the challenges for policy reviewers and policy makers alike. What are the fundamental questions that have to be tackled? How likely is the constructive change with elections and local electoral system change imminent?'

The lecture - which is free and open to the public - starts at 6pm on Wednesday 7 March in the Western Infirmary Lecture Theatre at the University.

Martin Shannon (

Professor Ken Gibb, Head of Urban Studies at Glasgow University, is available for interview.

Contact Martin Shannon on 0141 330 8593 to arrange.

First published: 5 March 2007

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