University Statement

Published: 17 January 2007

A statement giving the Univeristy of Glasgow's position on the future of their involvement with the Crichton Campus in Dumfries.

The University of Glasgow has consistently maintained that further funded places are needed to sustain our provision at the Crichton Campus on a break-even basis. Since the Scottish Funding Council does not share this view, the University is regretfully having to reconsider its level of activity at Crichton.

At present, our costs at Crichton significantly outstrip the income that we generate - the shortfall is running at £800k annually - making Crichton the only part of the University that has an underlying deficit. Options for the University of Glasgow range from the reduction of our presence, with the possible transfer of some courses and facilities, to an eventual measured and phased withdrawal from the site.

The University of Glasgow is immensely proud of what has been achieved at Crichton and does not take any decision about the project's future lightly. Over the past seven years we have shown our commitment, not least by putting in place a dedicated academic workforce and laying the foundations of an authentic university experience for students at Crichton.

The interests of students at Crichton are paramount and the University will do its utmost to ensure that students do not experience detriment.

First published: 17 January 2007

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