Over 100 years of Gifford scholarship now online

Issued: Fri, 23 Feb 2007 00:00:00 GMT

The Gifford Committee have been commissioned by the Templeton Foundation Press to prepare an online database of all the Gifford Lectures since their inception in 1888.

This is part of a Scotland-wide project involving all the Gifford Committees in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Aberdeen universities. The website, when it is completed, will provide a detailed introduction to each series of lectures and their publication, biographies of lecturers as well as a great deal of material which will be invaluable for scholars world-wide.

Distinguished Gifford lecturers in Glasgow have included Max Mller, Mary Warnock, and Carl Sagan.

The website (Gifford) is a rich and growing resource, offering a biography of Adam Lord Gifford, a brief description of natural theology and news about current Gifford events.

A team of research students from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies have been working on this project, under the directorship of Professor Alexander Broadie and Professor David Jasper.

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