'Places of Exchange' Thursday 25 - Saturday 27 July 2002

Published: 22 July 2002

An international conference hosted by the University of Glasgow's English Literature Department will explore the role of the media in aspects of life in Britain and Ireland from 17th century to the end of WWII.

To commemorate the founding of the Edinburgh Review in 1802, the Department of English Literature at the University of Glasgow is hosting an international conference, 'Places of Exchange'.

The purpose of the event is to explore the role of magazines, journals and newspapers in the intellectual, cultural and political life of Britain and Ireland from the seventeenth century to the end of World War Two.

Janet Todd, Professor of English Literature, spoke of the ideas behind the conference.

" We wanted to bring together scholars and journalists to discuss the huge importance of magazines and newspapers in disseminating ideas in the past.

Literary conferences are usually focused on authors or particular artistic movements. We want to emphasise the media that allowed writers to make communities out of their readers. In addition, we wanted to also celebrate the 'hacks' who simply entertained and kept the journals alive."

three="" rincipal="" ectures="" ill="" ake="" lace:="" p=""> Marilyn Butler (Rector of Exeter College, Oxford) ヨ Intellectual Treason in magazines

Susan Manning (Professor at Edinburgh University) ヨ Founding of the Edinburgh Review in 1802

Ferdinand Mount (former editor of TLS) ヨ Literary Journals

There will also be 140 conference papers.

Participants are coming from Britain, Ireland, the US, Australia, Asia and Europe. As Professor Todd added, " We hope that the conference itself will become a 'place of exchange' for all taking part."

A comprehensive website with details of the conference programme and contacts is available at the following address:Places of Exchange

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First published: 22 July 2002

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