UX = User Experience

A human-first way of building services and products, bringing together user needs and business goals through research, design and testing.

Good UX design minimises the friction between the task your user wants to complete and the tool or process they use to complete it.

Poor UX design in a commercial setting loses you customers. In the University setting, where people have no choice but to use the services and systems you provide, poor UX design causes frustration and confusion, affecting both student satisfaction and staff morale. The inefficiency of poor UX also leads to higher support costs and opportunity costs.

As well as reducing those costs, by using UX methods to gain a deep understanding of the people you build things for, and basing all your design decisions on user data, you will directly contribute to the University’s strategic goals of:

  • Enhancing the student experience
  • Empowering staff
  • Transforming culture and operating efficiency
  • Moving towards user-centric services

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If you work on a website, app, online service or business system for UofG students or staff, this Framework will help you give them the best possible experience. 

But UX isn't just a digital discipline: many of these methods can also apply to real-world situations, and to service design in general.

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