Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Violence

Resources and Support

MyGlasgow: I have been affected by sexual violence

Information on support available within the University and externally for survivors of sexual violence: 


Information on how to support a survivor of sexual violence or harassment:

Guidance Document: Receiving Reports of Assault, Harassment, or Bullying- Guidance Document

Report and Support

You can submit a report on bullying, discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment if you are a University of Glasgow student, or on behalf of a University of Glasgow student.

First Responder will be in touch when the form has been submitted.

Reports can be submitted anonymously, but this will prevent us contacting you to offer support, formally investigate or to take disciplinary action. 


First Responders

The University, in conjunction with Rape Crisis, have trained a group of staff as Sexual Violence and Harassment First Responders.

This means they have been trained to listen to survivors empathetically and without judgement while they seek support in disclosing issues surrounding sexual violence and harassment.

They will provide you with information on the options available to you internally and externally if you have been affected directly or indirectly.

First Responders can be contacted by submitting a Report and Support form or directly, by phone or email. Their contact details are available on the MyGlasgow First Responders site.


Rape Crisis Scotland

View advice on suppoting someone who has experienced sexual violence For Friends and For Partners.

The Rape Crisis Helpline can advise on support available for you and your friend:

Telephone: 08088 01 03 02 (6pm-12pm)