Students' Representative Council (SRC) Mental Health Workshops

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Content Warning: Suicide & Mental Health

The  Students' Representative Council (SRC) run several peer-led workshops and training sessions to help you gain vital skills that will really help you throughout your time at university and beyond.

Our workshops are delivered online by our team of student mental health trainers and are free for all UofG students to attend.  Registration is now open for the below:

A two-hour interactive workshop, covering basic mental health awareness and suicide prevention skills.  Topics covered include the core of suicide prevention; myths and facts around suicide; emotional resilience; active listening skills; and looking after your own mental health.

A two-hour interactive workshop, which aims to help you develop your emotional resilience as a defence against common mental health issues such as clinical depression.  The training explains how resilience works and what practical skills you can use in everyday life to maintain or build your resilience to protect your mental health and the mental health of those around you.  Topics covered include emotional resilience as a defence against depression; pessimism and its direct link to depression; and life skills of resilient people.

Both programmes form part of our aim to build a community of Mental Health Champions, reduce stigma surrounding mental health, and cut down barriers that prevent students from accessing the help and support they need. 

All students will receive a certificate for attending the training, signed by our SRC President and the University’s Chief Operating Officer.

To find out more information and sign-up, please visit the  Students' Representative Council (SRC) website.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at

First published: 29 October 2021

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