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We’d like to remind all our students about ‘Good Cause’.

Good Cause is the term we use to refer to making appropriate allowance for unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances which have affected your course assessments or exams, including illness or other difficulties.  

In these unusual times, and with the majority of us working from home, we understand that adverse circumstances may affect your ability to perform or complete various pieces of work.  

If you want the University to make allowance for circumstances, you MUST report these to the University through MyCampus, by submitting a Good Cause claim. This is really important to remember. Good Cause claims can specifically be submitted in relation to:  

  • A missed exam  
  • A piece of coursework that you were unable to submit  
  • Any assessment in which you feel your performance has been significantly impaired 
  • A piece of coursework for which you wish to request an extension to the submission deadline of more than five working days.  

For further information and explanation as to how the Good Cause process works, head over to the Key FAQs for Students

View information on how to make a claim online.

When submitting a Good Cause claim, please remember that you must explain clearly:  

  • The illness or other adverse circumstances you have faced: you should include reference to the timing of the assessment and the duration of the relevant circumstances   
  • How your ability to complete the specific assessment(s) was affected. For example, it is not sufficient to say in your Good Cause claim that you were unable to submit a piece of coursework because you were self-isolating. Many assessments can be completed using online resources, so you would be expected to explain how the requirement to self-isolate prevented you from completed the work. 

We also require evidence to support your claim. The FAQ link above has information included on this. See in particular the following questions:  

  • What evidence do I need to provide if I make a Good Cause claim?  
  • What if I am unwell but can’t see my Doctor?  

If you have difficulties obtaining supporting evidence, then please explain this in your claim and provide the best level of evidence that you can.  

We know that this might seem confusing, but it is important that the process is robust so that the students who need the extra assistance and support get what they require in the fairest way. 

Please also note the Exam Support page for more information and support around exams.

First published: 19 November 2020

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