Undergraduate programmes fee table


Full-time fees (per year)Scotland and EU*

Rest of UK
(England, Wales,
Northern Ireland,
Isle of Man and the 
Channel Islands)

All programmes except for selected Full Cost programmes
Arts and Social Sciences programmes                                                                                 £1,820  £9,250                      £18,370
Science, Engineering, and College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences non-clinical programmes   £1,820  £9,250  £21,920
BDS  £1,820  £9,250  £45,170
MBChB  and College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences clinical programmes  £1,820  £9,250  £47,900
Nursing  £1,820  £9,250  £21,920
Full Cost programmes
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery BVMS (full cost/graduate entry)  £30,500  £30,500  £30,500
Law LLB- Graduate entry accelerated (M115)  £8,850  £8,850  £18,370
Study Abroad and Exchange
Incoming Study Abroad (Full-year all programmes)§  £16,970  £16,970  £16,970
Incoming Study Abroad (One semester)§  £8,485  £8,485  £8,485
Outgoing Study Abroad programmes (Full-year)¶      
Compulsory study abroad year through Erasmus or International Exchange  £1,820  Free† 50% fee discount
Compulsory work placement through Erasmus or Language Year Abroad  £910  Free† 50% fee discount 
Compulsory work placement year for 5 year MEng/MSci degrees  £910  Free† 50% fee discount 
Non-compulsory Erasmus Exchange £1,820   Free† Standard international fee 
Outgoing international exchange £1,820   Free† Standard international fee 

§ Students from all countries will pay the same fees for the Incoming Study Abroad programmes

¶ Semester only outgoing study abroad fees are the same as standard degree fees at Glasgow

† Except for 5-year Language degrees, Go Abroad year is free for RUK students instead of final year. Five-year Language degrees will have both Language Abroad Year and final year free.

* The Scottish Government has confirmed free tuition in Scotland for EU students commencing their studies in 2020. EU Students admitted as Scottish/EU fee status can retain that status for the duration of their studies. EU students enrolling in 2020 continue to remain eligible for tuition fee support from the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS).


Scotland EU Part-time fee
30 credits*           £455 80 credits  £1,213 
40 credits £607 90 credits  £1,365 
50 credits  £758 100 credits  £1,517 
60 credits  £910 110 credits  £1,668 
70 credits  £1,062 119 credits** £1,805 

* minimum fundable credits by SAAS
** maximum fundable credits by SAAS

  • Part-time fees for RUK students are pro rata to the full-time fees.
  • International students may, in certain limited circumstances, be admitted to part-time study paying an appropriate percentage of the relevant full-time international fee.
  • Examinations-only students pay the registration fee of £160.