Misconduct process and penalties

Any suspicion of copying, plagiarism or collaboration will be reported to the Student Conduct Team under the Code of Student Conduct, as will any other allegation of behaviour that contravenes the instructions for your examination. 

If you are reported for suspected misconduct, you will be asked to attend an interview with the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct.  

Please do not put your degree at risk. The penalties applied under the Code of Student Conduct can have the effect of lowering your GPA, or causing you to fail a course which, in turn, could prevent you from achieving your award.

Appeals by students

If you wish to appeal an academic decision following decisions of the Board of Examiners and publication of results on MyCampus, please see: 

Please note that you must inform your College within 10 working days of receiving the academic decision you wish to appeal. Once you notify your intention to appeal you then have a further 20 working days in which to submit your full formal letter of appeal and any supporting evidence.

Good Cause

If you have any concerns about illness or other adverse circumstances affecting your performance in exams and other assessments, please see the latest guidance from Academic Policy & Governance: