The SLSD team is responsible for the maintenance and development of MyCampus. It also provides support to staff in the use of MyCampus through formal and informal training, production of user guidance and responding to individual support requests.

The team engages with users throughout the University in relation to all aspects of development and use of the system, seeking continuous improvement and, by exploiting the functionality offered by MyCampus, to maximise the return on investment.

Engagement Plan Engagement Plan (updated February 2015)

The team comprises:

  • Linsay Black
  • Jane Broad (Director)
  • Nicola Casey
  • Helen Chung
  • Helen Dockery
  • Zaib Imam
  • Isabel MacVicar
  • Kirsty McCreath
  • Paula McEwan
  • Kirsty Palfreyman
  • Stuart Purcell
  • Keith Robinson
  • Paul Smith
  • Leeann Stevenson
  • Karen Tallett

The main contact for the team is:

If you need any support or guidance, please log a call through the IT Helpdesk, selecting the MyCampus profile followed by the relevant subsequent option.