Conduct in on-campus exams

Do not bring/do anything that is prohibited.  The penalties for exam breaches – even unintentional ones - can have a serious impact, particularly in Honours years where no resits are available. Do not put your degree at risk

You are under exam conditions as soon as you enter the room, until all papers have been collected and you have left the exam hall.  No noise, no phones, no notes. You must do what the invigilators tell you. They are there to ensure the exam runs smoothly and that no student has an advantage over any other. If they tell you an item is not allowed, do not try to argue or retrieve the item, as this will disrupt the exam. 


  • Switch fully OFF – not on silent or in flight mode – and disable all alarms, as they can switch your phone back on 
  • Put in a closed bag or under your chair – NOT in pockets, or in a coat over your chair 
  • Do not access again until the exam has finished and you have left the room 


  • Smartwatches, sports watches, or fitness trackers are not allowed – even if you have not set them up to receive notifications.  As a rule, if your watch has any function beyond showing the time and date, remove it and place it in your bag or under your seat – NOT on your desk or in your pocket 


  • No notes of any kind are permitted, whether written on paper, other stationery, clothing or body parts, inside dictionaries, or anywhere else (unless explicitly allowed for the particular exam – in this case, ensure you read very carefully the instructions you have been given about what you are allowed to have). Misconduct allegations will apply to any notes written in dictionaries, on calculators, on your body or clothing, or anywhere else.


  • If English is not your first language you may bring a basic translation dictionary.  It must adhere to the rules set out here 
  • If you have borrowed your dictionary or bought it second hand, check it carefully for notes, as you are responsible for any found. You must complete a dictionary permission form. If you do not, you cannot use any dictionary in the exam 


  • Only bring a calculator that is of a type approved by your School. Calculators that are programmable or that have graphic or storage functions are not permitted 
  • Calculator covers are not permitted


  • Do not turn over/read the paper or start writing until the invigilator formally starts the exam.  You may ONLY fill in your attendance sheet.  You may see other students writing but they may have early starts for valid reasons – this does not mean you can also start 
  • When the invigilator ends the exam, stop writing IMMEDIATELY. You must not even finish your sentence or fill in your details on the front of the answer book 


  • Do not communicate in any way with any other candidate while under exam conditions 
  • Earphones, smartglasses, and vapes are not permitted 
  • Hoods should not be up, nor hats worn 
  • Do not bring scrap paper – if you need to do rough work, this should be done inside your answer booklet. You are expected to write only on the materials that are provided to you in the examination and not on any of your own supplies.