Senate Assessors for Student Conduct

The Senate appoints from its members a minimum of five, and up to 24, Assessors for Student Conduct. The Assessors hold office for a period of four years and consider the majority of academic cases referred under the Code of Student Conduct. A Senior Assessor is appointed annually from amongst the Assessors. The Senior Senate Assessor sees all cases initially, to decide on the route through which they should be considered.

The Senate Assessors for 2023-24 are:

Senior Senate Assessor for Student Conduct:

Professor Simon Kennedy

Dr Sean Mcginty

Senate Assessors for Student Conduct:

Ms Elizabeth Black

Dr Angela Gayton

Professor Kelly Kollman

Dr Nicolas Labrosse

Dr Julie Langan-Martin

Professor Catherine Lido

Dr Carole Macdiarmid

Dr Jennifer Malcolm

Professor Robert McMaster

Dr Louise Miller

Dr Beth Paschke

Professor Vicente Pérez de León

Dr Michael Rapport

Professor Paul Rea

Dr Laura Richmond

Dr Geethanjali Selvaretnam

Professor Radostin Simitev

Dr Jeremy Singer

Dr Richard Stacey