The Student Conduct team has moved to a new area - Legal and Governance, and will function within that as a self-contained unit.


This information relates to plagiarism as a student conduct matter where plagiarism is discovered or suspected in student work. The Student Learning Development (SLD) Service resource gives more details about how students can avoid plagiarism.

University Statement on Plagiarism

Standard University Declaration of Originality Form

All assignments must be submitted with a copy of the Declaration of Originality [Word] signed by the student (or the online equivalent where assessment is submitted online).

The primary purpose of the form is to remind students of the University's policy on plagiarism in assessed work.

Schools may customise the form with their own name but should not alter the content. Specific School requirements, such as word counts, may be incorporated by adding new lines or making minor amendments to existing text.

How to report an incident (Staff)

Members of staff who suspect that student work contains plagiarism must report it to the Head of School or their nominee. The Head of School or nominee may decide that the case can be dealt with by the School (provided the student is not in the Honours year or on a postgraduate programme or has been the subject of a previous offence), or alternatively that it must be reported to the Senate Assessors for Student Conduct. Guidelines for Heads of School should be followed. Normally, Schools should deal only with first offences by non-Honours students. Any case involving an Honours or postgraduate student should be referred to the Senate Assessors regardless of the severity of the plagiarism, because any penalty applied could impact on the student’s degree classification or ability to graduate. Any case involving a second offence at any level must be referred to the Senate Assessors.

For cases where it is decided the School should consider the case, the Head of School may nominate a member of staff to act on their behalf.

Schools must report cases where to the Student Conduct Team (email even if the case has been dealt with at School level. This assists with the identification of second or subsequent offences.