What do Ambition and Excellence look like in practice?

Ambition and Excellence behaviours - Everyone

A group of people

  • I respond positively to challenges and overcome obstacles 
  • I am resolute, results focused and tenacious 
  • I remain calm, patient and decisive under pressure and deliver results 
  • I focus on the end goal
  • I offer practical solutions to problems 
  • I take responsibility for mistakes 
  • I use initiative and take pride in my work 

Ambition and Excellence behaviours - Managers

An organogram

  • I take ownership for tasks whilst trusting others to deliver their own responsibilities 
  • I act to resolve issues before escalation
  • I am calm and proportionate in response to difficult circumstances 
  • I provide solutions and offer alternative options 
  • I draw upon past experience to resolve issues 
  • I invite and respond positively to criticism and/or feedback 
  • I develop others’ careers and skills 

Ambition and Excellence behaviours - Senior leaders

Three people sat around a table

  • I take ownership of problems
  • I work with others to actively seek solutions and resolve issues 
  • I focus on what has to be achieved and I know what success looks like 
  • I support others to raise their aspiration and ambition 
  • I am open to constructive criticism and willing to admit mistakes 
  • I am diligent and manage situations and problems through to conclusion 
  • I remain resilient in the face of competing demands 
  • I maintain determination in frustrating circumstances 


What does Ambition and Excellence look like at the University of Glasgow?