The Frequently Asked Questions below provide more information about this research communications initiative of the University. If you have further queries please email laura.tyler@glasgow.ac.uk.

What are the areas that are being highlighted?

The six broad-based, cross-disciplinary areas of research excellence that are being highlighted have a track record of attracting major external investment. The identified areas will provide a focus for raising the profile of the institution with key audiences: prospective staff and students, potential research partners, policymakers and funders, and the media.

 The six areas are:

  • Addressing Inequalities
  • Cultural & Creative Economies
  • Future Life
  • One Health
  • Precision Medicine & Chronic Diseases
  • The Nano and Quantum World

How were the areas chosen?

The initial six themed areas were proposed by the University’s Senior Management Group based on areas in which the University has successfully attracted investment and are under-pinned by excellent research and demonstrable impact. These were refined following discussion over the past 6 months at College and University-level research committees.

Will new areas be added?

The research areas covered have been chosen in the expectation that they will sustain a 3 to 5 year communications campaign. While the content will evolve as the represented areas develop, there is no short-term plan to add new areas.

Can I get involved?

The focus of each area has been clearly defined. If you feel that your research is potentially relevant to a particular area please contact one of the Ambassadors. 

Will these areas drive investment decisions?

The six highlighted areas reflect past and existing external investments. They will not in themselves be the sole focus of future internal investment rather we would envisage their ongoing success in both attracting new external investments and showcasing research excellence.

My research lies outside these six areas – how will my work be showcased?

The University will continue to promote and support the communication of research excellence occurring in areas that are not represented by this initiative — just as it does now. The Communications & Public Affairs Office will continue to source news stories from across the University and promote current research excellence via normal channels, including the main University web page.