Colleague engagement survey FAQ

Who are People Insight?

People Insight are leading experts in employee engagement and surveying and work with the University to deliver our colleague engagement survey.

People Insight are ISO 27001 accredited and carry out all surveys in accordance with GDPR. The University has a data sharing agreement with People Insight, and they provide detailed information about how they process survey respondents' data in their Privacy Notice.

How can I access the survey?

There are two ways to complete the survey.

  • All colleagues who are invited (see 'Who can complete the survey?') will receive an email directly from People Insight with an invitation to complete the survey on Wednesday 5th October. This will be a survey link unique to that person.
  • There will also be posters up around campus with QR codes which lead to the survey - to access the survey this way you will need your staff number (available on your payslip or on your ID card) so that the survey platform can group your repsonses with your team's.

Who can complete the survey?

All colleagues who work for the University for more than one day / seven hours per week (0.2FTE) will be invited to complete the survey. This includes colleagues who work for one of our subsidiary companies.

Those who recently joined the University (from 2nd August 2022 onwards) will not receive an invitation to complete the survey. Honorary and affiliate staff will also not receive an invitation to complete.

Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is completely anonymous, so please use it as an opportunity to be open and honest in your response.

We have asked an external company, People Insight, to conduct the survey on our behalf. People Insight are an independent organisation, who are experts in people surveys and engagement. Their promise to you is that your questionnaire responses will never be linked to you as an individual.

Your answers from the survey go directly to them. After the survey closes, People Insight will report on your views as part of a group you belong to (such as your job family), but they do not present the details in such a way that you can be identified as an individual.

The results of the survey are given back to the University through a results dashboard. The survey results dashboard has an automatic limit to prevent anyone (regardless of their access level) to view responses for groups of fewer than ten people. This means it's not possible to view how one person answered the survey, for example, the two open text answers are not connected to any other part of your response so the answer to the first question cannot be viewed with the answer to the second question. However, any free text comments will be given to the University as written so while the comments might not include your name, you might be identified by the scenarios you mention, therefore please be mindful of this when writing your comments.

See also: Why does the survey ask for my staff number? and What data does the survey use or capture?

Why does the survey ask for my staff number?

Colleagues completing the survey using a link like or QR code from a poster will need to input their employee/staff number so that their survey response is included with their team’s. There is no difference between this method of accessing the survey, and clicking on your unique link sent to your UofG email to access the survey - they both bring you to the same place. 

The employee/staff number, name and email addresses are used only by People Insight to confirm that a survey response has been successfully completed; this is also how People Insight are able to email individuals to remind them that they haven’t completed their survey yet. It is also used to make sure that your survey responses are categorised correctly eg in the right unit, job family etc.

Staff numbers or emails linked with survey data is not available to anyone at the University of Glasgow; it is not possible for individual survey responses to be viewed by anyone at UofG except for you while you are submitting them. 

After the survey closes, People Insight removes the names, email addresses and staff numbers used to deliver the survey from the data before it comes back to the University. 

What data does the survey use or capture?

Information about what existing data is used in the survey process, and what data is captured during the survey can be found in full the Colleague Engagement survey Colleague Engagement Survey 2023 Privacy notice. The data captured and its uses are summarised in the table below. 

Type of data 

What is done with it

Name, work email

address, staff


Passed by the University to People Insight so that they are able to
deliver a unique link for you to complete the survey, track whether
you have responded, contact you to remind you to complete the
survey while the survey is live, and to place your survey response
with that of your team once completed.

Once the survey has closed, these data are removed from the
survey file by People Insight to anonymise the responses before
the results are made available to the University. 

Your team, role and



Passed by the University to People Insight prior to the survey
opening so that they are able to place your survey response with
that of your team, job family etc once completed to identify patterns
in responses.

Once the survey has closed, these data are put into People
Insight’s results dashboard (which limits views to a 10 person
minimum) where individual responses cannot be identified next to
this information about your team, role and working arrangements.

Any demographic

information you

voluntarily submit

in the survey

Collected by People Insight during the survey so that they are able
to place your survey response with colleagues with the same
demographics to understand patterns in responses and to support
the University to fulfil its equality responsibilities as an employer.

You have the option to not provide a response to the demographic questions.

Is it compulsory to take part?

No, it is completely voluntary.  However we hope that you will share your views with us. 

The success of the survey depends on all of us participating. Understanding your views on working at the University through this survey means we have the tools to continue to make the improvements that are needed. So, we encourage you to play your part and complete the survey link when you receive it.

What happens with the results?

Once the results have been analysed, we will share them with you through our normal communication channels and on these webpages. The University’s Senior Management Group will take stock of the findings and then explain how the University will respond to what you have told us.

More localised results will be cascaded appropriately to the relevant units. The results will be used to inform action planning activity both at University and local levels and progress around this will be shared on an ongoing basis and measured again in our next cycle.

I don’t use a computer at work or access my email address – how can I participate?

The survey can be completed on any device, including mobile phones.  Posters will be displayed across the campus with QR codes that can be scanned to access the survey, where you will be prompted for your employee/staff number.  You can find your employee/staff number on your staff card or payslip.   

If you do not have access to a device then a university computer can be made available for you to use. 

What is a QR Code and how do I use it?

A QR code is a type of barcode that can be scanned using the camera in your mobile device. They have been used a lot during social distancing to remove the need for e.g. physical menus in restaurants

  1. Open the Camera app on your mobile device, this is used for taking photos.
  2. Point your phones camera at the QR code so you can see it on the screen of your device.
  3. You should see yellow lines appear around the code when recognised by the device.
  4. A notification will appear on your device.
  5. Tap on the notification to open the link to the survey webpage in your web browser.


I have more than one appointment - can I complete the survey?

If you work at the University across more than one appointment, but your hours total more than one day a week / seven hours a week (0.2FTE), you will receive an invitation to complete the survey. Your survey response will be analysed with whichever of your posts has the largest time commitment. If you currently are working across two appointments with same time commitment (e.g. two x 2 days a week appointments, your survey response will be with whichever of role you have been in longest.

When I enter my staff number, I see "Employee number is not valid".

If you are seeing the message "Employee number is not valid" before Wednesday 5th October, it is because the survey is not live yet so it is not possible to access it.

If you are seeing this message after Wednesday 5th October, please check the inclusion criteria (see Who can complete the survey? above) to make sure you are among the colleagues invited to participate in this survey. If you meet the inclusion criteria, please email noting that you are having a problem with accessing the survey.

I work at one of the University's subsidiary companies - can I complete the survey?

Yes please, as part of our inclusive approach to this survey we would like you to participate if you wish to, as we want to understand more about all of our experiences working here, whether we work for the University directly or for a subsidiary company. There may be a few questions that feel less relevant to you (this is also true of a number of different groups of colleagues, too) but your answers to the other questions will be really helpful in shaping how we do things. If you do not want to respond to a particular question there is a ‘Neither agree nor disagree’ option you can select.

How long will the survey take to complete?

The survey is shorter than it has been in previous years and is mostly multiple choice opinion questions, where you read a statement and select how much you agree or disagree with it.  It should take around 10 minutes to complete.

What is a pulse survey ?

A pulse survey is a short, quick survey that is sent out to employees on a regular basis. This survey is essentially a check-in, providing a pulse check on topics such as employee experience, leadership and management, culture, your role and development, reward, communication, etc.

University’s Senior Management Team has agreed to move to a more focussed feedback cycle, which will allow us to better review and measure the impact of our actions on an ongoing basis.  This will therefore allow us to be more responsive to colleagues’ rapidly changing needs and concerns.  

Who can I speak to if I have any questions?

If you have any general questions relating to the survey itself, please contact 

If you have any technical problems accessing the survey, please contact People Insight directly on