Dos and Don'ts

  • If "World Changers Welcome" appears on a front cover then it should not be repeated on the front or back of the publication
  • You can however use a sign-off of either "Join Us and Make Your Mark" or "Who Will You Become?"
  • Please use the downloads on the brand application pages where possible
  • Don't use for urls. Please use
  • Where possible include social media icons on publications. Default to the main social media channels if required
  • For student recruitment purposes gold should be used at the early stages but not throughout the journey. Wherever possible, the gold should be printed as a fifth metallic spot colour – PMS 871. However, if printing from CMYK use the following: C10 M20 Y60 K30.
  • Uncoated paper is the preferred option for externally facing printed materials. For some publications – such as events where the publication may be used outside, in the wind and rain, or some international markets where coated is the preferred standard, such as USA and Asia – then coated paper can be used.