Our branding requires the use of our University of Glasgow marque (logo) in most instances.

The use of a sub-identity is controlled. Only University of Glasgow colleges, schools and research institutes, and a few University Services departments, are permitted by Senate and Court to use a sub-identity. 

These are primarily for use on stationery (letterheads and compliment slips) although, on occasion, it may be appropriate to use on print or digital materials, if it is thought to be necessary to identify a sub-unit of the University.

Sub-identities always sit under the University marque (never beside the marque). There are two approved versions.

If you require artwork for a sub-ID please contact:


The sub-identity should be in the University Blue and separated from the marque (logo) by a thin line. All stationery should be typeset and printed by the University’s Print Unit. Contact them on ext 4261, email:

Example of a letterhead using the Careers Service sub-identity Letterhead example

Example of comp slip featuring the College of Science & Engineering sub-identity Compliment slip example 

Boxed marque (logo)

If it is absolutely necessary for the sub-identity to be used on print or digital marketing communications, it should appear underneath the boxed marque, also boxed in the University Blue. Artwork for sub-identities of approved units (such as colleges, schools and research institutes) is available on request from It is not permitted to create your own artwork.

College of Arts - digital sub-identity Digital sub-identity

College of Social Sciences sub-identity Print sub-identity

Please note: for all student recruitment material it is not permitted to use a sub-identity. For further information, please contact the Recruitment Marketing team in External Relations,

Other sub-identities

By order of Senate and Court, it is not permitted to create a sub-identity or logo for your project or unit.

Occasionally, special permission may be given for the creation of an identity – where the unit is separate financial entity and the use of a separate sub-identity would be of clear benefit to an external audience and the University.

If you want to make a business case for a new sub-identity you should complete the form (Business case for a sub-identity form) and return to Michelle Crane,