All our branded promotional merchandise should reflect the University’s brand guidelines, but we accept there needs to be some flexibility because of the variety of items and production techniques involved. We advise that you work with Matthew Williams, General Manager of GU Heritage Retail Limited if you require merchandise to be commissioned:

What version should be used?

  • The full colour version in a box of the University blue should be used on printed material, such as books and notepads, or where the marque (logo) is to be placed on a photograph or patterned background.

Printed Marque example

  • The full colour version can be used when it will be sitting on a white or clear background

The University Marque in full colour can be used on stationery

  • Where full colour reproduction is not possible the single colour version in either the University Blue or black should be used on a white or clear background.
  • Where full colour reproduction is not possible and the marque (logo) is to appear over a photograph or a patterned background, use the white version in a box coloured either in the University Blue or black.


When producing a suite of branded merchandise, where possible use the same version of the marque (logo) on each item.


The marque (logo) should be placed in a prominent position on merchandise. Where possible, this should be top left. Try to ensure the marque (logo) does not appear at the bottom of an item, but we recognise a degree of flexibility is required due to the range of materials produced.

Exclusion zone

If the marque (logo) appears in the solid University Blue box, there is no requirement for a further exclusion zone around it. When the full colour or single colour versions are used, there should be a clear space around it of at least 1U.

graphic showing the clearance space on the digital version of the University marque


The minimum size the marque (logo) should be reproduced at is 35mm in width.

However, for some very small items we recognise this may not be possible. In those few exceptional circumstances where the item is very small, the coat of arms may be allowed to appear without the logotype ‘University of Glasgow’, for example, on cufflinks. Approval must be given before the two elements are separated: please contact for advice.