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PowerPoint guidelines

Whether you are presenting at home or abroad, PowerPoint is a great supporting tool for engaging with your respective audiences.

The important thing to remember about PowerPoint is that its not there to replace you as a speaker, but to enhance the story you're trying to tell.

When you or your colleagues are making a presentation, you're not only representing your specific subject or service area but are an ambassador for the University. This means that your presentations should be professional and follow our brand guidelines.

We have prepared a suite of PowerPoint templates to help provide brand consistency.

The PowerPoint templates have been split into different sub-sets depending on your audience and the purpose of your presentation. At the moment we have templates for presentations about the University, for student recruitment or if you are giving a presentation about our Dumfries Campus. The slides are interchangeable, so you can pick from all three sub-sets. They are available in both 16x9 (for widescreen) and 4.3 (for older, squarer screens) formats and the file size is such that they can be sent by email.

Please note that these templates have not been produced for teaching purposes, however all members of teaching staff are welcome to use them.

Templates include:

  • Opening and closing slides
  • Blank slides for the use of graphs or charts
  • Image and editable body text slides
  • Key fact slides 

Specific guidelines are embedded in the slides which you can edit as you populate your own content.  We’d appreciate it if you could direct any colleagues interested in this resource to this page so that they can download the original slides.

If you have any queries, or would like further advice about PowerPoint, please contact mrio-design@glasgow.ac.uk.

Download the templates here

About the University

Student recruitment

Dumfries Campus

New Updated PP slide image example

If you are interested in learning more about PowerPoint features, a variety of PowerPoint training courses are available from the University’s IT Services (from basic to advanced level). Find out more at glasgow.ac.uk/services/it/training

Research poster templates

We also offer branded large-format templates for research posters in Powerpoint in A0, A1 and A2 sizes. Please note, these will only be possible for printing at large scale printers; we would recommend the Print Unit, who have equipment for this purpose glasgow.ac.uk/myglasgow/estatesandcommercialservices/printunit

A0 Powerpoint research poster template

A1 Powerpoint research poster template

A2 Powerpoint research poster template