Our photographic style

Photography is one of the most effective and memorable ways we can reflect our brand personality and communicate our brand message.

Good photography will showcase the world-class activities of the University and its people; it should communicate our confidence and ambition, and should capture our contemporary and forward-looking approach which is grounded in a solid, substantial history.

We have created specific guidelines based on the subject of the photography.

Resources and information


Photographs of students or individuals who are the focus of a shot are considered personal data and are therefore subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. Signed consent must be obtained. You can download the latest version of the consent form here: Privacy notice & media consent form (updated 9 July 2019).

Copyright in photographs

Photographs are protected by copyright, which is a type of intellectual property. This means that you will need the permission of the copyright owner(s) if you want to use the image in a print or digital publication or share it on the internet. The ownership for a photo can vary, but in many cases it will be the photographer or publisher. Copyright is unlikely to be owned by the person(s) in a photograph, although you will need consent from them under GDPR.

University photo library

External Relations has a password-protected marketing communications photo library covering a wide range of subjects, from buildings to student life. If you have marketing responsibilities, please contact mrio-design@glasgow.ac.uk for more details and access.

Stock photo library

We have a licence agreement with stock photo library Shutterstock (shutterstock.com) which means we can download a limited daily allocation of images for use in University materials. Note: our licence does not extend to passing images to third parties such as funding partners. Images need to follow our photographic style, so natural-looking images should be used, without any unrealistic effects or situations, and avoid images that look too set-up or posed. You should also avoid selecting clip-art, cut-outs or word-clouds and if people are in the photo they should look like they could be based at University of Glasgow.

  1. Go to www.shutterstock.com and search through their database
  2. When you see the image you want to use, note the stock photo ID number
  3. Contact mrio-design@glasgow.ac.uk with the ID number (please note that you may have to wait up to two working days before the image is emailed to you and you cannot request more than six downloads each day as we are limited to the number of downloads we can make each day.)

Arranging photography

The Photographic Unit provide a wide range of photography services for University staff. With modern digital facilities and equipment coupled with experienced staff, they can undertake most photographic/digital and print related work. find out more: Photo Unit.