Pensions Plus

The University is committed to making your pension contributions work more efficiently and Pensions Plus does just this.  It gives both you and the University the opportunity to make savings.

Instead of making your monthly pension contributions from your salary, you agree to give up an amount of your contractual gross pay equal to your pension contributions.  In return, the University increases its contributions to cover both the employee and employer elements of the pension contributions.

As a result the amount you pay in NI reduces and your take home pay increases.  The University also pays less NI.

Your pensionable salary will be based on your reference salary including any other earnings which are recognised by the University as pensionable.  Your basic state pension will not be adversely affected.

If you don’t want to participate, you can opt out by completing an opt out form. For a copy of the form, contact the Pensions Section on 0141 330 5366 or email

If after reading this section, you require any further information regarding Pensions Plus please contact the Pensions Section. 

If you are still unsure about whether or not you should participate in Pensions Plus, you might want to talk to an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). You can find a local IFA by contacting IFA Promotion Ltd online at:  or by telephone on: 0800 085 3250.