Work experience and young workers

‌Young people (under 18 years of age) may be at particular risk in the workplace due to their lack of experience, possible lack of maturity and because of other physical factors associated with their age.  The law therefore requires that, where a young person is at work, the risks arising from their age be specifically assessed and taken into account in planning and managing the activity. Where young persons are here as University employees, this can be done either as an explicit part of normal workplace risk assessments or can be a separate exercise. Where young persons are here for work experience the procedures detailed in the following section must be followed.

HSE provides advice on managing the risks to young workers here:


Work experience procedures

The University has long acted as a provider of work experience for school pupils and has found that this is beneficial both to those seeking the experience and to the University units involved.  Where work experience is provided to pupils under 16 years old there is a legal obligation that a risk assessment be carried out and that the findings of the risk assessment be brought to the attention of the pupil’s parent or guardian.

To allow this to be done the form linked below should be used to prepare a risk assessment for all work experience pupils coming to the University.

It is the responsibility of the Unit providing the work experience to:

  • Prepare a specific risk assessment for the work experience activities, and;
  • Send a copy of the risk assessment to the pupil's parent or guardian.
  • Send a copy of the risk assessment to the Safety and Environmental Protection Service (for monitoring puproses)

The pupil's school may also require a copy of the form or may require completion of their own risk assessment document in addition to University procedures.

Work Experience Risk Assessment