As part of research or teaching activity, staff and students of the University may periodically wish to undertake underwater diving.  This activity carries obvious health and safety risks and for this reason, within the UK, all work related diving is regulated by legislation.  The regulations involved are the Diving at Work Regulation 1997.  The purpose of this web page is to provide guidance on the procedures that must be followed when any member of staff or student is to be involved in diving that forms part of their work or studies.  These requirements do not apply to diving that is done wholly as a recreational pursuit.

University Code of Practice

The University has prepared a document which sets out the arrangements for management of work related diving within the University.  This document must be consulted and followed by any member of staff, or postgraduate student who is undertaking diving as part of their work.  The Diving Code of Practice is available to University of Glasgow staff or students by application to Safety and Environmental Protection Services.

Qualification and Registration.

Before any person who is at work may take part in work related diving they must become qualified to a standard approved by the Health and Safety Executive and undergo an HSE approved medical.  This is a legal requirement.  On completion of this process they MUST register with the University as a diver using a form included within the Diving Code of Practice.  The requirement to become registered with the University also applies to both staff and to postgraduate students when involved in any diving that is supported by the University or is intended to contribute towards their postgraduate qualification.  Further information on the system within the University for management of diving projects is set out within the Code of Practice. 

A Diving Advisory Group exists to provide technical advice on proposed diving work.

Anyone contemplating diving work should contact either their School Diving Co-ordinator/Diving Project Manager or Mr David McLean, Safety and Environmental Protection Services. Ext 4678.  David.McLean@glasgow.ac.uk .


Note also that ALL work or study related diving activity that is to be carried out under the auspices of the University, whether as a member of staff or as a student, MUST be notified to the Insurance Section of the Finance Office to ensure that appropriate insurance arrangements can be put in place.  (Note that personal recreational diving during any University funded trip is unlikely to be covered by the University's insurances. Any staff member or student  who anticipates being involved in recreational diving during such trips time should make personal insurance arrangements for this.) 

For further advice on insurance and travel matters contact Mr Ian Thomson  ext. 3935.  Ian.Thomson@glasgow.ac.uk