Researcher Development for PGRs

Introducing PGR Development

'Researcher Development' is the term for the broad spectrum of opportunities, experiences, conversations and reflective work that you do, alongside your research, to enrich your skills and working relationships, foster your talents, and accelerate your professional prospects.

The University of Glasgow's multi-disciplinary Start here for new PGRs offer a wide range of opportunities including induction events, stand-alone workshops, mentoring, peer networks, communities, conferences, internships, writing festivals, and programmes to develop you as a researcher and a future research leader. We aim to support you to reflect on your needs and ambitions, navigate the ecology of development available to you at UofG and, have agency to make informed and active choices about your professional and career development.

Read our Team Blog, The Auditorium, to learn more about us, how we design initiatives, the theories and data that underpin our work, and our news and successes.

The broad remit of our provision can be seen below, at a glance. Click into the sections to find details of specific support, training, and development activities. Opportunities branching from here are led by the Research Culture and Researcher Development Team within the Research Services Directorate. Additional training and support may be offered by your College Graduate School, School, Funder, or professional membership association.