Depositing your Thesis

Before depositing your thesis you should ensure that you do the following:

In advance of handing in your 'Intention to Submit' form to your Graduate School:

  • Ensure that you have made best efforts to seek permission to include any 3rd party copyright material in the electronic version of your thesis. If you have been unable to gain all necessary permissions, decide if you want to make an edited version publicly available.
  • Discuss with your supervisor whether or not there is a reason for restricting access to your thesis.

After handing in your 'Intention to Submit' form to your Graduate School (i.e. before your viva):

  • Complete the Thesis Access Declaration Form. This must be signed by your supervisor to show that they agree with your decision with regard to making the thesis publicly available.
  • Return the Thesis Access Declaration Form to your Graduate School at the same time as you hand in the required number of soft bound copies of your thesis (the number of copies required may vary by Faculty - if you are not sure, check with your Graduate School).

Following the examination and completion of any required corrections:

  • Convert the final version of your thesis to a single PDF file (see Thesis Format for further information)
  • Ensure that your file is named according to the convention yearnamedegree.pdf (e.g. 2022smithphd.pdf)
  • If the final version of your thesis includes signatures, IDs or other personal data please supply 2 electronic versions: the full version including signatures, IDs etc. and a second version edited with personal data removed

Once you have done this, follow the steps below to deposit your thesis.

Using the University file transfer service; send the following to: Enlighten: Theses and use the address.

  1. your thesis access declaration form (if you have it, and if it's signed off by you and your supervisor)
  2. the final version of your thesis (post viva and corrections)
  3. an edited version if one is required (e.g. if the full version includes uncleared 3rd party copyright material and/or personal data such as signatures, IDs.

We will then notify the Graduate School office that we have everything we need for you, they will attend to your letter of award.

The team here will create a record for you and will send the record link to you and your supervisor when it is publicly available. 

If there are no embargo or copyright restrictions noted on the thesis access declaration form the team will upload the electronic version/s to your record.

If you have been granted an embargo or if your thesis contains third party copyright material the electronic version/s will not be uploaded to the record but will be securely archived by the Enlighten Team. 

If you have been granted an embargo the full text of your thesis will not appear publicly until after this period has elapsed; however, the details about your thesis, e.g. author, title etc. will be made publicly available.

Although the award will no longer be contingent on provision of a physical copy - electronic receipt  of the final version of the thesis will be considered sufficient for award of the degree - you may still need to supply a print copy for example, if you are submitting a portfolio thesis with a text commentary and physical items, eg artworks.

The print copy along with any physical items should be sent to:

Dr Adam Swann

Book Processing,

Level 3,

Glasgow University Library,

G12 8QE.