Sharps Injuries

If you have sustained an injury from a contaminated needle, scalpel or other potentially infected sharp, after encouraging the wound to bleed and washing it  thoroughly, you need to attend the NHS Occupational Health Department attached to your placement in order that blood tests can be taken and the source patient can be followed up. If the initial blood test from the source patient is negative then no further testing is required.

If an injury takes place out of hours then you should attend the A&E unit attached to that hospital/trust. The University of Glasgow Occupational Health Unit is not part of the NHS and does not have access to this information. We can however arrange follow-up blood tests if these are required after your initial bloods at NHS Occupational Health. You will need to call us to arrange these. Please note that if you have sustained an injury from a clean needle or scalpel there is no need, other than simple first-aid, to follow the above procedures.

Please see the attached leaflet for further safety information.