Research Passport Scheme for Non-Clinical Researchers

Information about The Research Passport Scheme for non-clinical researchers can be found on the Human Resources website.

Advice on whether or not you require a Research Passport must be obtained before you make your application for OH clearance.


MVLS Human Resources 

When you have confirmation that you do require a Research Passport, you will find information about what to do next for Occupational Health clearance in these two documents:-

The Occupational Health part of the process requires that your supervisor or line manager completes a Research Passports - Job Analysis Form  and a Research Passport Health Questionnaire. You should make sure that you complete all information about your immunisation history, as fully as possible. Missing information will delay your application.

Please take care to ensure that your paperwork is fully complete before you submit it to Occupational Health. Any information which is missing WILL lead to delay in processing your application.  The Occupational Health Unit will not follow up incomplete applications, the onus is on the individual to complete and submit the correct paperwork, as outlined in the OH process (link above).  Any incomplete applications will be kept on file until all relevant paperwork is received.