Academic Promotion 2018 is launched

Issued: Mon, 03 Dec 2018 15:57:00 GMT

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to advise that the Academic Promotions and Professorial Zone Movement round for 2018–19 is now open.

Academic Promotion and Professorial Zone Movement Timescales

Completed applications, including a statement from your Head of School/Director of Research Institute statement, should be scanned and submitted to the Performance, Pay and Reward team at at by 18 January, 2019.



Completed applications to be received by HR

by 18th January 2019

Applications available to Committees on SharePoint

by 1st  February 2019

College Promotion/Zone Movement Committees

by 28th February 2019

Committees to notify HR of outcomes

by 1st March 2019

Initial Principal’s Board of Review

by 19th April 2019

Outcomes (final and prima facie) notified to all applicants

by 30th April 2019

Final Principal’s Board of Review

by 21st June 2019

Grade 9 and Professors notified of final outcomes

by 28th June 2019

Effective date of promotion/Zone Movement

1st August 2019


What’s changing for 2018–19?

There are no changes to the criteria or to the academic promotion and the professorial zone movement processes for the current 2018–19 round.

Proposed changes for 2019–20

We are consulting on refining the criteria for 2019–20; these will include a focus on recognising the collegiality of professorial staff, creating parity of impact with outputs, and placing greater emphasis on the impact outcomes themselves rather than on potential impact-generating activities. Full details will be made available after the applications for the 2018–19 promotion round conclude and after consultation with College Management Groups, the campus trade unions and following subsequent approval of the revised criteria by SMG in February 2019.

Key improvements planned for 2019–20, include:

  • The introduction of a Readership track for those on LTS contracts
  • The need to demonstrate collegiality in addition to excellence across each criteria, from grade 7 through to professorial zone 4
  • Proposed parity of impact with outputs (i.e. while still requiring a preponderance across the criteria for R&T, Research Only, UGPS and Academic Clinicians, it is proposed that one of the qualifying criteria should be either outputs OR impact)
  • In impact, the focus will be on the achievement of impact outcomes themselves rather than on activities that might lead to impact
  • Highlighting the need to demonstrate a commitment to Open Access and Open Scholarship 

We anticipate that the revised criteria will provide greater clarity, consistency and transparency in terms of their application and will improve the level of alignment across Colleges. Furthermore, the proposed introduction of a Readership equivalent on the LTS track will be a welcome addition for those pursuing career development within this track and, more generally, the proposed changes will improve the level of understanding of how all academic colleagues can contribute to key University activities.

Further Information

Full details of the Academic Promotion & Professorial Zone Movement Policies and criteria, associated guidance and application forms can be found on the Academic Promotions page on the HR website.

Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Performance, Pay and Reward team by emailing

Lesley Cummings
Head of Performance, Pay and Reward