Preparing for REF2021

The University’s preparations for the next Research Excellence Framework exercise, REF2021, are proceeding in earnest. Institutional performance in REF2021 will have significant consequences for the University of Glasgow, both for the amount of funding we receive from the Scottish Funding Council via the Research Excellence Grant, and for our research reputation.

To support the process of identifying the highest quality research outputs for submission to the exercise, the University has published an Interim Code of Practice for the Selection of Outputs to REF2021. The Interim Code sets out how the institution will identify staff with significant responsibility for research, and determine how outputs will be selected for submission.

This Code precedes the definitive Code of Practice that will be submitted to the Scottish Funding Council for approval in June 2019.

Further information on the Code is set out in a message to staff from Professor Miles Padgett, Vice-Principal for Research here.

Information on REF2021 and on the University’s preparations is available at

First published: 19 November 2018