Winter safety on-campus

Issued: Fri, 29 Nov 2019 12:14:10 GMT

Along with cold and wet conditions, many staff and students may be travelling to and from the University in darkness, as the winter nights have drawn in.

We operate a shared campus, so there is a shared responsibility to make sure everyone is safe when travelling on-campus, whether you are driving, cycling or walking.

When using the campus, drivers are asked to adhere to the speed limit of 10mph, and the recommended 20mph on University Avenue.

We would encourage cyclists to take measures to be safe and be seen. The University’s the GUEST team are currently giving away bike lights to cyclists during their Bikehub events and we will continue to host free bike maintenance courtesy of Dr Bike and GUEST Bikehub on the campus.

Staff members can also sign up for the University’s e-bike scheme for business or intercampus travel – the e-bikes have excellent inbuilt lights! 

In addition to these measures, we are undertaking work to improve both lighting and signage on our campus to make the campus more accessible and easy to navigate for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers over the winter months.

There is more information on how everyone can stay safe on our road safety webpages.