University of Glasgow e-bikes

Staff can use one of the University of Glasgow e-bikes for business travel or intercampus travel.

The e-bikes are an enjoyable, carbon-free (at source) alternative to using fossil-powered vehicles during work hours. E-bikes are not unlike a regular bicycle but are also equipped with an electric battery that assists you when you pedal. This means you can arrive at your destination comfortably, even after cycling up a steep hill. Therefore, they can also be used by those who would normally not consider cycling, may it be due to low fitness levels, too long journeys or the lack of shower / suitable clothing options for a professional appearance. 

Use e-bikes for business travel / intercampus travel

Staff can book out an e-bike for a few hours, to use when travelling between University sites or to meetings. Before being able to do so, staff must be registered and inducted into the system.  

How to register

If you would like to use an e-bike you must read the e-bike Manual and sign the User Agreement. You then need to attend a short practical induction to be shown how the e-bike works. This will include a trial ride.

After completing these steps you will be emailed details about how to book an e-bike.

You must be competent at riding a bicycle to use an e-bike. 

Registration process

  1. Download and read the e-bike User Manual (pdf). You may want to keep a copy for yourself. 
  2. Download and read the e-bike scheme Privacy Statement (pdf), which explains what data we collect in relation to e-bike use, and what we are doing with this data.
  3. Download, read, complete and sign the e-bike scheme - user agreement (pdf). Return by email to the Travel Planning team. You may want to keep a copy for yourself, as this agreement includes the Terms and Conditions for participation in the scheme.
  4. Contact the Travel Planning team, to arrange an induction. You will not be able to book an e-bike until you have completed the induction.


You must take part in a practical induction to ensure that you understand how to safely operate the e-bike. You will be shown:

  • how to correctly fit a helmet;
  • locking and unlocking the bike;
  • fitting the battery and use of the battery;
  • how to perform a basic maintenance check;
  • and then a short cycle ride.

How to book?

Once you have completed the registration process and induction, you will be supplied with details about the booking procedure. Currently, we accept bookings for 4 e-bikes which are situated in the Stevenson Building, and one e-bike which is situated in Tay House. 

The use of e-bikes under the scheme is free for University staff.

Q & A

1. What sizes of e-bikes are available for users ?

There are two sizes of e-bikes in the fleet: Frame size Medium - 48/52 cm and Large - 56 cm.

The e-bike which is currently available in Tay House has a frame size Medium.

Please check the size guide below to find out which bicycle is best suited for you (our bicycles are E-Horizon Wave)

e-bike scheme

 2. Will the battery support make me go very fast ?

The motor will support a speed up to 25 km/h (about 15 mph). After that, the motor will cut out.

3. How far can I go with one battery charge ?

This depends a lot on charging status, support level chosen, terrain and weight carried, but could be up to more than 100 km in 'Eco' mode ! We would expect at least between 50 and 80 kilometres.

4. What happens to the battery at the end of its life ?

While we think that e-cycling is a great travel mode to enable those who normally would not cycle, and hope that the University e-bikes will replace more polluting and CO2 emitting travel modes, we accept that battery manufacture and waste is not sustainable. Currently, we have an arrangement with our retailer to take batteries back for correct disposal and add to the battery recycling stream offered by Glasgow City Council. However, the battery can be recharged for up to 1000 times, before it would come to the end of its life.


This section is under construction and we will add more questions and answers in the next weeks. In the meantime, if you have a question, please email the Travel Planning Team.