District Heating Scheme: September Update

Quick update:

  • The slip road from the North Front to the Pearce Lodge has reopened. This route is available for exit.
  • A few of the vistor car parking spaces by the John McIntyre building will be suspended. 
  • Back filling of trenches at the McMillian reading room has started. Access to the front of the rreading room is expected from the middle of this week. 
  • Pearce Lodge will be closed in roughly two weeks time. Vehicle access via Dumbarton Road will be reinstated before Pearce Lodge is closed. 
  • Some of University Place has been reinstated, there are now more car parking spaces avavilable in this area. 
  • Southpark Avenue has been reinstated. The Frazer Building car park is going to be used for minibuses however an alternative area is being sourced. This car park will be reopened to permit holders as soon as possible. 
  • It is expected that temporary boilers are being brought to campus this weekend. View the temporary boiler locations.
  • Work continues on University Avenue.
  • Work continues on University Gardens. 
  • Scottish Gas will be carrying out work on Dumbarton Road for the next eight weeks. 
  • These important works are rapidly changing and we are trying to communicate updates about campus disruptions to everyone promptly. However not all disruptions are foreseeable and car parking with be limited on campus in the coming months. If possible please use alternative methods of transport to come to campus. 

September: With students arriving back on campus soon, September is set to be a busy month. Crown House have provided a map detailing which areas with be under construction during the month of September. View September construction zones.

Read the 'Rough' guide to getting around Campus this September.

Everyone concerned in the University team and Crown House is sorry for the disruption. We’ll all be doing our best to see the work proceeds as fast – and as safely – as possible.

Any questions? Email communications@glasgow.ac.uk 

More details: 

Pearce Lodge:

The slip road from the North front of the Gilmorehill campus down to the Pearce Lodge gate has been reopened.
Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can now use this as an exit route on to University Avenue.

Some parking spaces in the area by the James Watt North have been reinstated. 

The Pearce Lodge is due to be closed to vehicles in roughly two weeks time. Access via Dumbarton Road Gate will be reinstated at the same time to allow access to the south front. 

University Place:

Much of University Place has been reopened which has created a small number of car parking spaces. 

Temporary boilers: 

It is expected that temporary boilers are being brought to campus this weekend (12 & 13 Sept). They will be placed here over the weekend to minimise disruption. View the temporary boiler locations.

University Gardens:

Excavations are now underway in University Gardens and it has been necessary to close the road at both entrance and exit points on to University Avenue. 

The parking spaces within University Gardens will be suspended during the duration of the works. 
It is hoped to reopen the roadway on the weekend of the 22 September.

University Gardens Road Closed

University Avenue

These roads works continue as trenches are prepared for the new, district heating system pipe network. The contraflow on University Avenue has moved roughly 100m in the direction of Pearce Lodge. 

Image of roadworks on University Avenue August 2015

North Front

The slip road down to the Pearce Lodge is currently closed to traffic. Traffic can exit via the South Front down Engineering Way to the Pearce Lodge. Back filling of these trenches has started with the view of reopening the slip road next week.

Some of the parking spaces opposite the Thomson Building/Hunter Halls has been suspended to make way for an extension of the trenching. This will be reisntated shortly, once the trenches have been filled. 

Dumbarton Road

Work involving Scottish Gas is affecting Dumbarton Road. There are traffic controls on the main road as that work extends down towards Partick Cross then onto Hynland Street. 


Road works on Dumbarton Road

Fraser Building and the McMillan Reading Room

Southpark Avenue has been reinstated. The Fraser Building car park is going to be temporarily used to accommodate GUSA and SRC mini buses in the coming weeks.

An alternative area for these buses is currently being sourced and once an area becomes available the car park will be reopened to permit holders. It is not possible to put an exact date on when this will happen but everything is being done to reopen it  as soon as possible.

The work on University Avenue has required the closure of the front entrance for the McMillan Reading Room: you can get access from the rear of the building. The front of the Reding Room is expected to be opened by the middle of this week. 

Gilbert Scott Building

District Heating Scheme work taking place in the Quadrangles is going to mean creating a route for debris to be removed through the North West Undercroft near the lift to the Hunterian and the University Shop.  The usual pedestrian access will continue. A small, trial dig is likely within the undercroft opposite the Gift Shop.

Thank you

If you have questions about the District Heating Scheme, or are concerned about the impact of the construction work, contact: communications@glasgow.ac.uk

Our Big Picture map details the progression of the work, and the associated trenching, through to the end of October.

Thanks very much for your forbearance!


The District Heating Scheme project is going to involve laying in the region of five and a half kilometres of new pipework across the University campus (both sides of University Avenue) over the next seven months or so. 

This is to replace the old system, which was more than fifty years old. In some cases, the new network will also help facilitate high voltage and IT cables to improve campus services.

To view the entire extent of the district heating scheme, and the different phases of work, see the Big Picture Map

First published: 7 September 2015