Ebola medal for UofG researchers

Five researchers from the Centre for Virus Research at the University of Glasgow have being awarded the Ebola medal in recognition of the work that they carried out in West Africa during the recent outbreak of the disease.

The recipients of the award are:

Dr Caroline Chauche, MRC Virology Affiliate 
Dr Agnieszka Szemiel, Research Fellow at the Centre for Virus Research
Dr Chris Davis, Research Associate at the Centre for Virus Research
Gillian Slack, PhD student
Navapon Techakriengkrai, PhD student

This medal is the first campaign medal awarded by the UK Government for a humanitarian crisis response and is awarded to military and civilian personnel who have been tackling Ebola on behalf of the UK in West Africa

On Facebook the University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research posted: “We are extremely proud of our colleagues who gave their time and effort to help tackle the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and delighted that they have been honoured in this way.”

Receiving Ebola medals

First published: 5 October 2015

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