International Partnership Development Fund

Published: 16 November 2015

The 2015-2016 International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF) is now open.

The 2015-2016 International Partnership Development Fund (IPDF) is now open. 

  • New for 2015-16: to help develop and raise the profile of strategic partners within the University, 60% of the IPDF is for applications is for work with the University’s strategic partners (see below). The remaining 40% is to support applications for work with non-strategic partners.

Partnership development is a critical element of the University’s approach to internationalisation. Since 2007 IPD Funding has been made available to University staff to pump prime the development of sustainable and mutually beneficial international partnerships between the University of Glasgow and high quality academic institutions and education providers worldwide. It is intended that the fund will provide financial support for:

  • collaborative programme development and other partnership opportunities compatible with colleges’ international strategies and activities,
  • establishing international research collaborations at a School or College level, e.g. setting up PGR student mobility,
  • in some cases, the fund can be used to support an extension of conference travel as long as the IPDF award is used for partnership development at a School or College level (i.e IPDF money should not to be used for conference travel),
  • the IPDF will support applications for follow-up funding to take forward a partnership project which has already been initiated (as long as the first stage of funding was through the IPDF),
  • any collaboration leading to a sustainable partnership is eligible for consideration.

Any application must be supported at a college level with the provision of ‘matched’ funding (services should gain match funding support from the Director/Head of Service). Applicants should consult their College Internationalisation Lead before submitting their application. 

For more information - visit the IPDF section on the Internationalisation web pages.

First published: 16 November 2015