Cleaners' qualification success

Two members of the University's Cleaning Services team have worked their way to professional qualifications that open up new opportunities.

George Boswell and Lorraine Clark recently completed three stages of their industry's Professionals Skills Suite Certificate (BICSc) which means they are rewarded with a licence to practice. A third member of the team, Elspeth Gordon, also gained the three units necessary and has since left the University. They can now progress towards the complete certificate.

Image of University cleanersLorraine Connolly, Operations Manager in Campus Services' Cleaning Section explained: "The British Institute of Cleaning Science are the largest independent professional and educational body within the cleaning industry.

"BICSc provide structured training programmes for cleaning staff to enable them to achieve a recognised professional qualification in their role. At the University of Glasgow, we have a licenced BICSc training centre in the Boyd Orr building. Our centre is audited annually by a verification and support co-ordinator, our licence is dependent on meeting BICSc specified criteria for a training centre.

"Cleaning Services have a lead trainer/assessor Patricia McCartney and a support trainer/assessor Sandra Thomson who provide induction training to all cleaning staff. Further training can be requested through the P&DR process."


It was the P&DR process that set George and Lorraine on their path to training and the qualification they have now received.

Lorraine said: "This required a high degree of learning and commitment. We are all really happy that George, Lorraine and Elspeth have shown initiative and effort in taking this training opportunity and gaining a professional qualification in their job.

"The University is supportive in developing its staff to assist in achieving its strategic objectives and Cleaning Services supports this by its commitment to developing and supporting staff through the P&DR process each year. We are very proud of Lorraine, George and Espeth and what they have achieved." ‌

First published: 17 November 2015