Disabled parking bays

Published: 10 November 2015

Tempted to stick your car in a disabled parking bay? Read what somebody who relies on that protected parking space has to say.

There's been a regular problem of visitors and staff parking their cars in disabled parking spaces...despite not having a blue badge permit. 

Image of a disabled parking bayIt's thoughtless and wrong...but we thought we'd ask somebody who knows all about it - one of the University community who has a disability and who needs to be able to find a disabled parking space. They preferred not to be identified.

“It can be frustrating to see disabled parking bays sitting empty, but these are essential for those who use them to access their lecture room, the library, office or social venues.

"Personally I can now only walk a few feet without sitting down. I use a mobility scooter, but need the extra space for my adapted car, and flat access to buildings.

"For example, recently having had to park further away, I still could not get into the building as someone had blocked the dropped kerb, even although this is clearly marked with a yellow box. This meant I had to go all the way around the building - a bumpy ride! - to access the ramp from the other side.

"For some using the disabled parking spaces this would be an impossible distance to walk to access the building ramp.

Please be considerate and do not use the disabled parking bays if you do not have a mobility difficulty, and try to be aware of dropped kerbs near doors and ramps"

First published: 10 November 2015