Trying to lose weight? Own a smartphone? Join the HelpMeDoIt! study and help us understand how technology can support people to lose weight. We need 10 people to help us develop and test a smartphone app and website for weight loss, and an additional 30 people to test run the app and website for us when it’s ready. All you need is a BMI of 30 or over, a desire to lose weight, a smartphone, access to the internet and a supportive friend/relative to be your ‘official helper’.

If you are allocated to our development panel we’ll ask you to help us develop our app and website … and then simple, just try it out, tell us what you think and help us make it better! We’ll ask you to come along to ALL THREE discussion groups in early June, August and October. You’ll receive a £75 voucher per session as a thank you.  If you are allocated to our testing group we’ll ask you to test out our app and website when it’s ready and complete an interview with a member of our study team. You’ll receive a £40 voucher as a thank you.

For full study information please contact the Study Manager by email: or by 'phone on: 0141 353 7633.

Lynsay will be happy to answer any queries. Additional information is available at

First published: 11 May 2015

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