New French-language Café Scientifique

A new, French-speaking Café Scientifique is being set up in partnership with the Alliance Française de Glasgow. The aim is to invite anyone to explore the latest ideas in science and technology in the French language.

The first of these events will be on March 10th at 7pm at the Alliance Française, to coincide with the 20th edition of the "semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie".

Dr Nicolas Labrosse, from the School of Physics & Astronomy, will speak about the forthcoming solar eclipse on Friday 20 March, which will be visible from Glasgow with up to 94% of the Sun's surface covered by the Moon.  For more details about the eclipse visit the Astronomy & Astrophysics page

More events are planned, and information about them will be posted in due time at Cafe Scientifique. Topics will cover every aspect of the exploration of the universe around us from astronomy to zoology.

Each event will take place free of charge at the Alliance Française at 3 Park Circus. The format will be similar to the Glasgow Cafe Scientifique which has been running for more than a decade at the Victoria Bar, where a 20-minute informal talk is followed by a discussion with the public. The talk will be in French and the discussion will be in as much French as possible.

This event will reach a different type of audience from other events, by attracting native and non-native French speakers to come and discuss around exciting STEM topics in French, reinforcing the idea that scientific research has no frontiers.

First published: 6 March 2015

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