Professor Duckett interviewed for Radio Beijing

Published: 19 June 2015

Listen here to Professor Jane Duckett speaking on Radio Beijing about the University of Glasgow's growing links with China.

‌‌Jane DuckettProfessor Jane Duckett Professor of Chinese and Comparative Politics at the University of Glasgow and also International Dean for East Asia was interviewed on the Chinese radio station Radio Beijing 774.

Radio presenter, Bruce Connolly who is an alumnus of the University, was in Glasgow for a holiday with his family last month. While in the city in he met Professor Jane Duckett.

Listen to the full interview below (audio files):

Professor Duckett interview part one:  In this feature Professor Duckett talks of her long association with China going back to the early 1980's. From these early times China has become her life and work and she has seen firsthand the changes happening within the country since then. This accumulated knowledge is a deep personal resource which she shares when teaching or guiding research at the University.

Professor Duckett interview part two:  Professor Duckett speaks about founding the Scottish Centre for Chinese Research, to bring together people across Scotland from different universities who had an interest in China.

Professor Duckett interview part three:  Professor Duckett explains the range of Chinese related courses and research opportunities offered at Glasgow University. She further speaks the University of Glasgow’s growing links with China.

Professor Duckett interview part four:  In the concluding feature Professor Duckett talks of the importance of understanding language when doing business or developing relationships with China. She believes in encouraging people to go to China as a way of helping understanding. 

First published: 19 June 2015

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