Five stars for GUSA

Published: 15 June 2015

The University of Glasgow has been awarded the highest five star recognition at this year’s Healthy Body Healthy Mind Awards.

The University of Glasgow has been awarded the highest five star recognition at this year’s Healthy Body Healthy Mind (HBHM) Awards, one of only three institutions in Scotland that have achieved this.

Tom Gebbie,  President - Glasgow University Sports Association, said: "It is a tremendous accomplishmentfor a variety of reasons. First is the amount of time and dedication the main people involved have put in over the last 3 years since GUSA changed its Council structure to be more representative of all aspects of work undertaken to represent the 12,000 students involved in sport and physical activity.

"The three GUSA Welfare Convenors during this period in particular, deserve recognition: Leah Tomlinson, Chloe Duffus and this year’s Convenor, Candice Lindsay, who was pivotal in the submission this year. They have been at the heart of enhancing support for student welfare at the University (including those outside of sport) for the past three years.
"Second are some of the key initiatives GUSA is involved in. These include establishing the first University cross campus welfare committee (subsequently led by SRC), introducing and developing the Gym Buddies support programme (now recognised across Scotland as an example of best practice and Games Changer award winner last year), leading on the Starfish support group for disordered eating and excessive exercise, weekly tweets resourcing information relating to welfare related issues and a whole host of other initiatives delivered throughout the year.   
"Third, is that the University Sport management and staff have been hugely supportive with our work in the welfare area, providing guidance, free gym access and memberships for volunteers to encourage engagement and with the submission of reports themselves, and it’s a great example of our partnership working well. Others from Disability and Counselling & Psychological Services have also been very supportive of initiatives to date and are enthusiastic about future collaborative support next year and beyond.
"I would like to thank and congratulate both Candice Lindsay and Laura Wright for their hard work and dedication to this award over the past year. They have both been incredibly supportive and central to the development of student welfare at this university."

First published: 15 June 2015

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