Meet Brian, Jonathon and Everlyse from Singapore

Published: 17 July 2015

Campus e-News met three students who are visiting the University from Singapore to find out how their trip had gone.

Students from the University of Glasgow Singapore campus have been visiting Glasgow for an intensive four-week summer school programme.

Campus e-News met up with three of the students in the last week of their trip to find out how their visit has been.

Brian and Jonathon are studying Mechatonics and Everlyse is a Computer Science Student.

Singapore students - Brian, Jonathan and Everlysle

How has your visit to Glasgow been?

Brian: It has been great, a really awesome experience. The scenery is Scotland is amazing, you don’t see scenery like this is Singapore!

Jonathan: I have really enjoyed Scotland. I like the weather, Singapore is too hot!

Everlyse: It is very nice; the weather is a bit too cold for me though. It is a good experience to travel overseas while you are at university.

‌What have you been doing during the summer school classes?

Brian: We were given a group project to design a maze navigating robot and we have been working on building that robot.

Jonathan: There is a competition at the end of the course to find out which robot performs best.

Everlyse: I have been writing a lot of essays and learning more about my subject of computing science.

What have you been doing in your spare time?

Brian: We have been exploring areas of Scotland because we want to make the most of our time here. We have been to the Isle of Skye, Stonehaven, Loch Lomond and we saw the bridge in Glenfinnan which is in the Harry Potter movies.

Jonathan: We have also been to the GUU for a pint or two!

Everlyse: I have been travelling a lot – Oban, Fort William, Edinburgh, Arran and Bute. I hired a car and my friends and I have been going on road trips to wherever we fancy. The Isle of Bute was lovely. Some of my classmates climbed Ben Nevis; they enjoyed it so much that they climbed it again the following day.  When the summer school ends I am going to travel round more of Europe, I want to visit France, Rome and Florence.

Have you been able to understand the Scottish accent?

Brian: At times it has been difficult, particularly when we have travelled further north. After being here for nearly a month I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Everlyse: Personally, I find I can understand most of the accents here. I have got used to the Scottish accent.

What do you think of the locals in Glasgow?

Brian: They have been very open and friendly.

Everlyse: On our second day in Glasgow we met a local Professor who was learning Chinese. He started talking to us and since then has been showing us around Glasgow and other areas. He took us to Edinburgh and also invited us to his house for dinner. He made fish and chips and crumble. Now some of my friends buy fish and chips in every town we go to!

How has driving in a different country been?

Jonathan: When we were in the Isle of Skye we were driving on single track roads, both cars were coming along the same road at the same time but in different directions. You don’t get that happening in Singapore. It was fun!

Everlyse: In Singapore we also drive on the left hand side so that makes it easy here but I am only just getting the hang of roundabouts. The first time I went on one it appeared out of nowhere, I didn’t know how to use them and lots of people were honking at me. I think I’m getting used to them now.

What has been your favourite thing about your time here?

Brian: The drinks are cheap here! Also Scottish people know how to have fun.  

Jonathon: I like the flexibility we have had to travel to new places. You learn a lot about yourself by going to a different country. It has definitely been worthwhile.

Everlyse: I have enjoyed being away from home and the travelling has been very interesting. 

First published: 17 July 2015

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