UofG does 'Changing Rooms'

Last week four members of University Service staff left the office and picked up their paint brushes as part of the University volunteering scheme, writes Tasha Quinn.

The group spent the day painting the living room and hallway of a flat for a Cornerstone client.

Cornerstone is one of Scotland’s largest care providers, providing support and care for adults and children with disabilities and other care needs.

The team of painters came from Security Services, the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office and the Communications office.

Julie Sharpe, Senior Security Supervisor said: “It’s been good fun today. It’s been great to interact with other members of the University. I’d definitely recommend doing it.”

Laura Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator at Cornerstone, said: “It might not seem like a big thing, painting someone’s living room but it does make a difference to the lives of people we support – a big difference. It’s great to have staff from the University of Glasgow volunteer with us.”

The volunteering programme is a pilot scheme being run by University Services. It has been launched to help create opportunities for colleagues across University Services to work together in volunteering activities.

You can find out more about the project, and upcoming chances to volunteer, on the MyGlasgow Staff portal.

Cornerstone volunteers

First published: 19 February 2015