Students urged to engage with NSS

‌The National Student Survey 2015 launched at the University of Glasgow on 19 January, and will run until 29 April, writes Kirsty Scanlan, Head of the University's Central Survey Unit.

National Student Survey Poster 2015The SRC have contacted Schools and departments to arrange lecture call-outs. This should contribute towards engagement with the survey being consistent with NSS 2014.  The SRC have also placed posters around all campuses and will carry out other activities over the coming weeks. 

The NSS is a vital tool used gather feedback from final year undergraduate students and is used widely in league tables and on the UNISTATS/KIS website. Students provide their feedback on all aspects of their university experience and the University uses the information provided by the students to make improvements in areas of the student experience and share best practice across the university. 

Students should be encouraged to take part in the survey by all staff to ensure the University achieves the necessary response rate and to gain this essential feedback from our final year students.

First published: 2 February 2015