University needs your views

University staff from all schools, research institutes and University services are being encouraged to engage with the consultation currently taking place on the next strategic plan.  It follows a series of workshops and other consultation events that have been taking place over the last year.

The end of the period covered by the University’s current strategic plan, Glasgow 2020: a Global Vision is drawing to a close.

The Senior Vice Principal, Neal Juster, has been consulting extensively with staff, students and other stakeholders over the past 9 months in order to develop a new strategic plan which will be presented to University Court for approval in June 2015. This document provides the first draft of key elements of the new Strategy, including a revised statement of the mission, vision and values of the University, and the priority themes that the new Strategy will seek to address.

Neal said: "The draft strategy elements you will find in our latest package have been refined based on the invaluable and insightful feedback gathered from open consultation events held for staff in January. A further phase of consultation will commence in March, and responses prior to 6 March would be particularly welcome."

There is still a significant amount of work to do to flesh out the key actions that will be required in order to achieve the University's vision and how success will be measured. The consultation team say first the University community needs to agree that the vision, mission, values and priority themes are appropriate for the next stage of the University of Glasgow’s long and distinguished history.

You can read more on the strategy consultation pages and you can make contact by using:

February An early draft version of the strategy is shared with University Court
Late February Open web consultation on the early draft version
March Preparation of the full final draft strategy
April Open web consultation on the full final draft strategy
May Finalisation of draft
June Strategy is taken to University Senate and University Court

First published: 28 January 2015