Meningitis vaccination

Published: 26 November 2015

The University of Glasgow's students are being advised to get a meningitis vaccination if they are not already protected.

Young teenagers, sixth formers and students at university are advised to have a vaccination to prevent meningitis W disease.

The Men ACWY vaccine is given by a single injection into the upper arm and protects against four different causes of meningitis and septicaemia – meningococcal (Men) A, C, W and Y diseases.

The UofG is reminding everyone that meningitis vaccination is a good idea and is freely available.

You may have been called to have this vaccination prior university. For those students who have not been vaccinated it is available through your local GP practice.

The University strongly encourages its students to take up the offer of vaccination.

For more information visit NHS vaccinations

First published: 26 November 2015